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PC & Mac - Sales & Repairs

Desktop PC
Windows Office
Apple New
Mac Book Pro

This Is Just Some Of The Computer Services Available
PC & Mac - laptops, Desktops, Tablets - Repairs, Spares, Upgrades - Web design

Diagnostics & Repair

Onsite repair for both home or office users to diagnose and repair computers or peripherals

New Computers
We can build new computer systems anything from office, gaming & media centres
And can build computers to a price if you want something different than an off the shelf computer but on a budget
Computers will be handpicked components, built & tested with an operating system installed if required
We can supply peripherals, monitors etc.
Custom built gaming computers, office and home computers

New Components, Parts
We can also supply computer components for upgrades or repairs and over the counter sales at competitive rates
This also includes Peripherals

Upgrades Software
If you would like to upgrade Windows, Mac, Linux or dual booting systems to get the best of both
Or if you are struggling to install a program or you want a pacific program to do a job or having a problem
with a program any of these problems can be solved easily and quickly
Help upgrading software from operating systems to utilities and full system wipe and reinstall

Upgrades Hardware
Hardware based repairs can take a few days to a few weeks depending on parts and delivery times,
for software based repairs can be a few hours to a day or two if the computer needs to be removed for repairs
if computers are being upgraded I will only need the computer for a short time to install parts when parts arrive
to minimise your computers down time.

Web Design & Building
We can design websites for personal or business and maintenance
This can be a single a page site website to a multi-page website with your own domain name (.com) and personalised
email address these sites look excellent and more professional but will need maintenance and knowledge of HTML to edit and change etc..
As a less expensive option we can help with is a 1 click website these are less customisable and can have limited pages and
options because they are set to a template but can be edited and accessed yourself to change.

IT Support & Advice
We can help getting your computer skills up to date, or maybe you’re just trying to learn a new skill
Lessons and advice on backing up your data and keeping it safe

Refurbished Computers
We have a ocationaly have refurbished computers & peripherals in stock
All parts have been tested and come with a 3 month warranty

If your query is not listed or for more information
Please Contact Us

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